Anna Maria has always had a passion to create as well as finding a way to make things herself, reducing her reliance on store-bought items of several kinds. This itch stretched to much of her everyday life: homemade cat food, jams, bread, candles, and finally, personal care products. Two Bones Soap Co. was conceived and is her way of remaining creative while producing useful items to share with the world. Handmade soap is a craft, able to be comprised of a multitude of oils, butters, and additives, striving for the most benefit from use. Each bar as well as her other wares are handmade in small batches with thoughtful care and a mindfulness of its future possessor. A one-person operation, Anna Maria formulates, creates, and packages everything by hand with keen attention to detail. Her enchantment with the occult, magic, and the otherworldly have been her influence for many years, and she wishes to impart those sentiments into her work for others to enjoy.