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Q: How do all products come and what are they made of?

A:  All products come with a detailed ingredients list and, where applicable,  properly labeled jars and containers.  The majority of our soaps are vegan, however our other products are "vegetarian" in nature. 

Our small-batch soaps are handcrafted and hand cut. Weights will vary from bar to bar and batch to batch, which is the nature of a handmade product. Most of our soaps will range from 4.5 ounces to 5+ ounces.  Any soap weighing more is merely a bonus for the price paid.  Bars weighing less than 4.5 ounces will still be offered at a discounted price.  We use high quality oils in our soap and body product recipes. All soaps contain sodium hydroxide, however, the sodium hydroxide is neutralized in the saponification process. Soap cannot be made without sodium hydroxide. I scent my soaps with fragrance oils,  essential oils, or a blend of the two. Strength of scent after cure will vary so some soaps will have a lighter or stronger scent than others. I color my soaps using micas and their respective constituents, oxides, pigments, natural herbal colorants, and titanium dioxide. Some colorants will ‘bleed some of their color and this is normal.  I only use biodegradable plastic-free glitter for my wares. I also top my soap with natural ingredients including botanicals I have grown, harvested, and dried on occasion. All toppings typically wash off with the first use. I use various liquids in my soaps also on occasion.  Most often these ingredients are vegan in nature, but I occasionally use goat's milk, tallow, etc.. I occasionally use coffee, teas, herbs, spices, pumpkin, and more to make specialty soaps. Please be aware of any allergies you or your gift recipient may have before placing an order;  even if one product does not contain allergy-inducing ingredients, they may come into contact with one that is.  None of my products are edible! Discontinue use if irritation occurs and consult your physician. If you have any questions about the ingredients of anything available, please do not hesitate to contact us before you place an order.



Q: How does shipping work?

 A: Items are packed with great care and freebies are included when available with every order! Shipping is a flat rate of $8.55 and shipping overages of $2 or more are refunded to the customer with smaller/lighter orders.  Multiple orders are consolidated and shipping refunded so long as a label has not already been printed and postage paid for your first order. Orders with a mix of pre-order and ready-made items will ship when the pre-order item is available unless otherwise requested. Tracking numbers are provided with every order unless otherwise noted.

All orders are shipped USPS flat rate or first class where applicable.  Local orders (under 10 miles) can contact me for local pick-up at my discretion.  At this time, all order are for US customers only; I will look into international shipping in the future.  Orders cannot be cancelled once they are shipped and out of my hands.  I reserve the right to cancel any unshipped orders.


Q: Returns and other Issues?

A: I want everyone to enjoy their purchased products, and since you cannot sniff them through the screen, I try my hardest to give an accurate description of the item's scent.  Products are scented with essential oils and phthalate-free and paraben-free fragrance oils as per their IFRA safe usage rates.  Please be aware of the role essential oils can play in conjunction with your body and any health issues you may be facing.  Unscented items are also available, but may have a slight scent due to being in proximity to scented wares. 

Refunds will not be granted based on scent.  Refunds on other issues (melting/spilling during transit, etc.) are granted on a case-by-case basis and can be discussed privately.  I do not accept returned soap and cosmetics that I offer as it is a personal care item and has been out of my hands and cannot account for its present quality. 


Q: How long will my order take to get to me?

A: All orders placed typically ship within 3 business days of receipt.  Some products are ready to ship while others are made to order; understand that 1-2 days may be added to latter products.  Wholesale orders are given a targeted TAT.  Pre-order products are shipped within 1 week of availability.  I try to ship items out as soon as possible, but as a one-women business owner, I appreciate the forgiveness in shipping times!


Q: How do I take care of my soap bars?

A:  Store your soaps in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. When using your soap, be sure to allow it to dry between uses. Do not allow soap to sit in water! Handcrafted soap will continue to weigh less over time because the water remaining in the soap will continue to evaporate. This leaves you with a finer, longer lasting soap bar. Handcrafted soap will get better with age, however the scent and colors may fade over time. It's best to use your soap one year from purchase. 


Please, if you have any questions at all on anything available, no question will be turned away!